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[FORUM] of the community page start!

*Untill 31 Jan 2013
[FORUM] of the community page for only KING SWING and mobile sites members can join a start!

How to Join FORUM:
*this service for Japanese page only
In [FAN CLUB] page, go to "MEMBER ' S" page "FORUM" logged in as KS ID / PASS.
You can post comments, and view each each performance. By all means, please send a lot of comments and messages!

※ KING SWING members will be able to view from the post-PC.
※ HIMURO.COM Contribution mobile members will be able to view from your cell phone.


HIMURO.COM renewal system evolved into the HTML5

It was renewed in the new HTML5 version.
Until now could not browse, view from the terminal iPhone, iPad, smartphone, or tablet Android is now available.

In addition, We will turn to the SHOP renewed version of HTML5 HIMURO.COM SHOP, PERSONAL JESUS ​​SHOP in the near future as well.


25th Anniversary Year DIARY
『KYOSUKE HIMURO 25th Anniversary 2013 DIARY 』LAUNCH!!

25th Anniversary Year DIARY『KYOSUKE HIMURO 25th Anniversary 2013 DIARY 』
Premium finishing specification Hardcover chic croco print on mat paper. Luxury Anniversary Edition 2013 Calendar, Monthly & Weekly calendar, memo notes, even with schedule seal. Cover color variation is a lineup of two types of black and red.Redesigned compact size that fits in one hand size. Seasonal Item so much this time, as soon as possible by all means.

『KYOSUKE HIMURO 25th Anniversary
2013 DIARY 』

H184mm × W115mm/92p Hardcover
Calendar 2013, Monthly Calendar, Weekly Calendar, Notes logo
Calendar 2014, with Schedule Seal
The cover color Black / Red

This product has been using environmentally friendly stone paper and water resources for the protection of forest resources.

PRICE:3,000yen(tax in)

■ We will be sold at the venue Nippon Budokan on 12/30 and 31
■ If you will be credited up to 12/7, will be shipped this year (the beginning of the year will be shipped sequentially from 1/8)
■ If you have purchased together with other products, there is a possibility that the delay in shipment depending on the stock status of the other products.
When you purchase, please go to separate items in a hurry settlement application

34/36 31 32 33 34 35 36

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