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Ringtone of "25th Anniversary BEST ALBUM GREATEST ANTHOLOGY" MUSIC STORE, music downloads (Chaku-Uta Full) started broadcasting!

Ringtone of "25th Anniversary BEST ALBUM" GREATEST ANTHOLOGY "", music download delivery start the delivery of Chaku-Uta Full Start! Any feature phone version MUSIC STORE at Android version MUSIC STORE!!

Please check it!

HIMURO.COM Mobile: http://himuro.mobi

※ If you are using an iPhone version
  iTunes Himuro Kyosuke page
You can buy more.


Feature phone version MUSIC STORE / Chaku-Uta music added!

Chaku-Uta of "25th Anniversary BEST ALBUM" GREATEST ANTHOLOGY "" recording music has been added to the MUSIC STORE.

Try to access!!

HIMURO.COM Mobile: http://himuro.mobi


HIMURO.COM Mobile Limited docomo Palette UI CUSTOM comes up!

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of his debut solo, you can customize HIMURO specification entire home screen app of docomo smartphone terminal "Himuro Kyosuke official docomo Palette UI CUSTOM" appeared!

HOME wallpaper screen, menu screen, icon background, to indicator, you can customize HIMURO all specifications, special specifications of HIMURO.COM Mobile Limited exactly!

※ It becomes the only delivery docomo Palette UI-aware terminal.

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