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25th Anniversary Celebration items, special icon Badge Collection
"25th Anniversary All Tour Logo i-con Button Badges" release!

To commemorate the 25th anniversary solo debut, Celebration casual item,
Release "25th Anniversary Special Button Collection ~ All Tour Logo i-con Button Badges ~" today!

From the first tour of 1988, Icon Badge collection of pop which gave the tour logo to the most recent live.
Can enjoy as a collective item, even as wearable items, which was not possible until now, Celebration items to commemorate the 25th anniversary. Come, let us celebrate together the 25th anniversary!


[Product Description]
25 Anniversary Special buttons set
25th Anniversary All Tour Logo i-con Button Badges

Price: \ 3,500 (tax in)

Specifications: All 20 Piece
All tour logo 18 piece
ANGEL jacket picture one piece
K logo 1 piece
Size: 30mm in diameter
凹台 urethane seat / clear sleeve case



HIMURO.COM Mobile Limited docomo Palette UI CUSTOM comes up!

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of his debut solo, you can customize HIMURO specification entire home screen app of docomo smartphone terminal "Himuro Kyosuke official docomo Palette UI CUSTOM" appeared!

HOME wallpaper screen, menu screen, icon background, to indicator, you can customize HIMURO all specifications, special specifications of HIMURO.COM Mobile Limited exactly!

※ It becomes the only delivery docomo Palette UI-aware terminal.


HIMURO.COM Mobile smartphones new content "SONG OF THE DAY" Start!

July 21, 2013, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of HIMURO solo debut, and look back on all the solo career so far, Android and iOS device users limited special content "SONG OF THE DAY" is start!

Such as day and live release was held in the past, to Memorial Day HIMURO memorable HIMURO.COM Mobile has selected, relevant music can listen to full limited day! !

Follow the track of the activities of 25 years, Memorial content, without a miss hearing it!

※ "SONG OF THE DAY" will be published only irregular anniversary.
For the public, because it will be notified by e-mail magazine on the day of release date
Please register the person of unregistered e-mail magazine,

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